PVCu Windows are tough, durable and insulating. They need hardly any maintenance. They open easily and when they are closed, they are secure. Timberlook Flush Casement windows replicate the appearance of traditional wooden frames but there is more on offer than just good looks.

Install Timberlook Flush Sash Windows to enjoy the best of both worlds


If PVCu had been available to builders in the past, they would have used it. No one disputes the beauty of timber, but it has drawbacks. In the wet, it can swell. In dry conditions, it can shrink. It can warp or twist and whatever else you do, you’ll always have to find the time to take good care of it. Imagine never having to paint a window. Imagine never having a window already welded shut with layers of paint…

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We’re fortunate to have a rich tradition and history. It’s reflected in our buildings which show the changing trends in architecture and the development of the craftsmen’s skills. Our diverse geology is shown in the materials we’ve used: rich red clays, soft grey limestone, Welsh slate, crystalline granite, and sharp, scalloped flints. Every bit of our past is precious because it’s made us who we are.


Timberlook sightlines are spot on. Our Flush Casements have perfectly balanced dummy sashes and replicate the appearance of timber frame construction with mortise and tenon looking joining. There is a great selection of period colours and wood-effect finishes, including a timber-grained, white or cream painted effect.

Timberlook colours also include a Smooth Anthracite 7016 Grey finish which matches the most popular Aluminium Bi-fold Door colour.


There’s a fine line between preserving our heritage and being stuck in the past. Many planning authorities recognise this and although there are a few cases where original materials are the only acceptable option, these are becoming fewer and further apart. Conservation areas and even listed buildings now have their share of PVCu windows.

The reasons are simple: the appearance has been perfected. Timberlook PVCu Flush Casement windows are virtually indistinguishable from timber but have two major advantages. Firstly, they are more affordable and can make a huge improvement to the comfort and appearance of a property where timber alternatives may be prohibitively expensive. Secondly, their insulating qualities, easy maintenance and recyclability make them an environmentally-friendly alternative.



Timberlook Flush Casement windows are designed to deliver fantastic thermal performance using 24mm sealed-unit double glazing. The overall energy efficiency is dependent upon the actual glass, the construction of the sealed unit, the gas used to fill it and the ratio of glass to frame. We’ll work with you to find the best combination for your home and how you use it.

You can recreate your home’s original window style with our Cottage Bar, or astragal bar – measuring 22mm.  Our glazing bars fit perfectly onto the surface of the glass, indoors and outdoors, keeping the efficiency of a single glazing unit, while maintaining the traditional look of the property.

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With features such as an optional deep bottom rail and concealed external trickle ventilation, The Timberlook Flush Sash is virtually identical to the most expensive flush sash timber windows.

Trickle ventilation is a requirement for some installations and the external cover vents can be unsightly, spoiling the appearance of your windows and your property. When trickle ventilation is required, the extended cover vents are concealed by a head drip on the Timberlook outerframe, so the appearance of your property is not spoiled.

Timberlook Flush Sash windows look amazing with the contemporary shallow cill that comes as standard. However, we feel that The Radlington Cill is one accessory that you simply must consider adding!

Old imperial bricks varied in height, metric bricks are 65mm. Old timber cills were deep and often aligned with a course of bricks. At 55mm, The Radlington Cill is a modern interpretation and allows for packing expansion, Baypole jacks and irregular mortar. So if you are replacing traditional timber windows, installation becomes easier and the result more authentic. If your installation is a new build, you can recreate the traditional look with The Radlington Cill.

Finishing Touches

Timberlook Flush Sash windows comes with conteporary handles as standard, but can be enhanced with our Premium Regency Furniture, including a Dummy Stay, Monkey-tail Handle or a Teardrop handle – all available in a choice of finishes. They have security built-in features like key-locking handles, which secure all around the frame, sash locks, and child safety restrictors.

This system has been developed to offer as much choice of individual style as possible whilst still retaining the authentic proportions and designs of historic windows. Our chamfered edges replicate authentic putty lines, and our ovolo detailing is precise. The sculptured option a perfect representation of the carpenter’s skill.

We couldn’t let our hardware let us down. The traditional appearance was a must, so even though our Flush Casements have their own friction hinges, we’ve got dummy peg stays and gorgeous, monkey-tail handles all finished the way you’d expect, with period colours and a craftsman’s attention to detail.

The TIMBERLOOK Colour Collection

The colours and finishes in the range allow you to match the style and fashions of any era with shades chosen to complement different types of brick, stone and render and a range of wood effects including oaks and rosewood grains.

For more modern homes, there are smart greys with flat surfaces and for black and white timber-framed houses a deep, dark colour that’s almost black. And if you want to match your interior décor or features, our dual-colour options might be the answer you’re looking for.